Looking for a new personal digital mixer? Then this could be for you. Introducing 'WING'

'WING' features:

  • 24 Motorised Faders
  • 11 Rotary Control 
  • 48x48 Channel USB Audio Interface
  • DAW Remote Control (Hui & Mackie Control)
  • Dual SD Card Live Recorder (64 tracks)
  • 8 Midas Pro Preamps
  • 8 Midas Pro Outputs
  • Large Display Touchscreen
  • Effects Rack ((EMT & Lexicon Emulations etc)
  • Plus much more

This mixer does sound quite impressive & looks impressive too.

However I didn't mention at the beginning who made this made product. Can you guess?

I'ts good ole BEHRINGER. 

As of writing this there is no price or release date (although rumoured to be Dec 2019)

I would definitely like to look at this mixing console 😃😃

Until next time


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