Some of you may or may not know I'm into Electronic/ Dance music (I do like to listen to other genres of music e.g. Rock etc. But, my favourite is electronic).
As a musician I've released 2 albums & 3 eps (plus some original backing tracks over the past few years. If you would like to listen to any of these please click here )

I remember as a child at the age of 13 listening to Happy Hardcore/ Rave (back in the early 90s). In the mid to late 90s we had Classic Trance (as I call Since then I've always been a fan of Trance music.

These days we have lots of different genres of electronic/ dance music. They all seem to be a fusion of styles. We now have dubstep (with the 'wub wub' Recently one of my younger siblings said they were into Drumstep (I thought 'Drumstep? Whats that? Where's that come from? lol. Ok, its not as bad as what I

I would like to create other electronic music too e.g. Trance, Ambient, techno, house etc. That is what THE SOLAR PROJECT is. Not sticking to one style of electronic music. There are lots of various styles to choose from. THE SOLAR PROJECT will be a mixture of electronic styles.

Stay tuned. More info coming soon (The Solar project)

Until next time


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