We've all heard of music genres such as: ROCK, POP, JAZZ, DANCE etc. There are also some maybe unfamiliar music genres.

Here are a few:

  • LOWERCASE- Recently on youtube i came across this. Whats is it?  Well, its a combination of  minimalist, ambient, field recordings & sometimes silence. It amplifies very quiet sounds. The first time this was heard was by artist STEVE RODEN, with his album 'Forms of Paper'.  The album is handled paper that has been heavily distorted. 
  • NINTENDOCORE-  This is a combination of 'Chiptune', 'Video game music', 'Hardcore punk' & 'Rock' (If you would like to hear this, check out 'HORSE THE BAND')
  • SPLITTERCORE- Angry & Aggressive  music. 300bpm to 999bpm. Yes, it's fast, lol
  • CATSTEP- Sounds  kinda Dubstep? to me. Sub genre of 'FILTHSTEP' (Thats new to me as well,lol) Check out the label MONSTERCAT
  • SOLIPSYNTHM- Electronic music, Check out MYSTERY SKULLS
Oh yes, there are more strange music genres

Until next time


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