If you are looking for a mobile studio that works on your phone then IZOTOPE SPIRE could be for you. What do I need?
First you need the IZOTOPE SPIRE MUSIC RECORDER App (iOS & android which I believe is free to download)
Next you need the SPIRE STUDIO AUDIO Interface (a very portable audio interface)
The audio interface itself is kinda cylinder shaped
It features:

  • Quick to setup
  • Built in omnidirectional microphone 
  • 2 XLR Connections
  • 2 in/ 2 out recording interface
  • Wi-fi
  • Soundcheck (button)
  • Record up to 8 tracks (2 simultaneously)
  • Edit & Mix (with the Spire Studio App or export them to your DAW) etc
SPIRE STUDIO seems quite easy to use. Its very portable & looks very quick to set up. However I do feel it has some downsides. The first one being the price at around £350. Hmmmmm! I feel this is a bit expensive. Also, you can only really use it with IZOTOPE SPIRE MUSIC RECORDER App. Hmmm! It's a bit limited. I think if it worked with all the DAWs wirelessly (eg Cubase, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools etc) as well that would be a lot better. 

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