Around 15 years ago APPLE launched ITUNES, allowing you to have all your music, podcasts, tv etc all in the same app.
Last week APPLE announced they would split iTunes into 3 apps:

  • APPLE MUSIC- If you have all your music on iTunes. Don't worry. You should still have access to your entire music collection as well as downloading etc. Of course you have access to  Apple Music Streaming Service
  • APPLE TV- Any films or tv your have purchased etc should still appear in this app. You will have access to buy or rent over 100,000 movies & tv shows. In the Autumn you may be able to get access to Apple TV subscription service
  • PODCASTS- If you have any downloaded Podcasts in your library, again don't worry. They should be all there on this app. You will still be able to download podcasts as well

In Autumn Mac OS CATALINA is due to be released. This is when you could see iTunes disappear. 
As far as I know if you are Windows user & have iTunes  you should still be ok & not really see any change (at least not yet)

I don't know yet if it's a good idea having 3 separate apps. We'll have to wait & see

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