It was a few years ago & I came across a live version of: 'Hamburger Lady'- THROBBING GRISTLE (on youtube). This was certainly something different. Probably one of the most creepiest songs I had ever heard. 
I had heard of the band THROBBING GRISTLE before but never really heard any of their songs.  Nearly 20 years ago I knew some one who was a fan of THROBBING GRISTLE. At the time I liked industrial music & liked NINE INCH NAILS etc. I was told that industrial music was more than NINE INCH NAILS etc. It was in fact THROBBING GRISTLE that really were the first band to start Industrial Music. I think it was GENESIS P-ORRIDGE who came up with the term 'Industrial Music'. 
Anyway, going back to the live video of 'Hamburger Lady' I had watched, I really admired the lead singer. I found more videos on youtube of THROBBING GRISTLE.  Again, I liked the lead singer because s/he was doing something different. Not really afraid what other people thought. 

GENESIS P-ORRIDGE was certainly different. Born Neil Megson, from Manchester in 1950.  In 1971 Neil Megson officially changed his name to GENESIS P-ORRIDGE at the age of 20. 
In 1975 GENESIS founded the band THROBBING GRISTLE (and in later years PSYCHIC TV). Both bands were electronic, industrial, avant-garde etc. They were there to shock people. 
S/he was a talented artist, musician etc & was willing to push boundaries. 

GENESIS & their wife LADY JAYE created the term Pandrogyne. This is what they call the 'Third Gender'? Both had surgery to look like each other. The pronouns they would use are s/he, h/er.  

Im sure GENESIS P-ORRIDGE influenced & inspired many people. 


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