In 1994 REM released their 9th album 'Monster'. They had previously had global success with singles such as 'Everybody Hurts' & 'Losing my Religion'. 

'Monster' album featured more distorted guitars etc. The first single was 'Whats the Frequency Kenneth?' (I remember hearing this song as a teenager with the kinda distorted tremolo guitar).  Another song I remember hearing from this album is 'Crush with Eyeliner'. 

In 2011 'Monster' was listed at No.9 in Guitar World's top ten Guitar Albums

Its been 25 years since the album 'Monster' was released  & to celebrate the band have released a remastered version of the album available to: Download, Stream, Vinyl or cd. There is also a 'Monster,  25th Anniversary Box Set which features: 5 Cds & Blu-Ray.

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