Recently KANYE WEST released a 17 minute long version of the song: 'Bed' (Originally by J HOLLIDAY). After listening to it, yes it does go on a bit. Did it really need to be 17 minutes? Anyway, moving on

Over the years some songs have been quite long & a few that are even more than 17 minutes.

Here's a few:

  • 'Sister Ray'- THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (Just over 17 mins. Apparently the engineer got so bored, he walked out of the studio. Oh dear)

  • 'Echoes'-PINK FLOYD (Only lasts just over 23 mins)

  • 'Autobahn'-KRAFTWERK (Nearly 23 mins)

  • 'Blue Room'- THE ORB (Just under 40 mins long. I do remember this song back in 1992. The edited version was about 3 mins, i think. After about 25 mins you kinda get the familiar part of the song. 'Blue Room' i still think is the longest ever single to be released in the UK Charts)

  • '7 Skies H3'- THE FLAMING LIPS (This song goes on for a staggering 24 HOURS. The song was released on a flash drive, as limited edition. Wow! That is one very very long song. However, in 2014 for Record Store day a 50 minute version was released)

I remember hearing about 'Bohemian Rhapsody'-QUEEN when label EMI said it was too long to play on the radio. The song lasts about 6 mins. That all changed when Kenny Everett played it on his radio show 14 times over one weekend. (6 mins doesn't seem as long when you compare to the songs above)

I think long songs are here to stay 

Until next time


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