Hi! Everyone,
This weeks FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK is the talented  DJ, Musician & Producer JOSH HOLIDAY.

Hailing from Philadelphia the city of brotherly love a dj with over 25 years of experience. Having landed his first residency in Wildwood, NJ at the Stardust fresh out of high school at the ripe age of 18.  Shortly there after he got signed to be a part of Local 13 Productions.   He played up and down the east coast from Canada to making multiple WMC appearances.  Also played at such massive events  as  “Whistle" 2 & 3, and "I Have a Dream 1 & 2” .  While he was maintaining his dj career, he also served as the promotions manager at the famous club Evolution, and is partly responsible for helping to brand big name techno & house artists/DJ's playing in nightclub venues in his city, as well as helping to cultivate the scene in his area.  

Josh is a self taught pianist and has been producing music since 2000.  Artist's such as, Jan Hammer, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters round up the outside of the techno/house realm influences.  Artist's such as Stimming, Hendrik Schwarz, Dubfire, Jeff mills, & Dub Tribe have influenced him within the techno & house music realm.  Releasing music since 2014, he is starting to recognition for his original tracks and remixes from big name artists. He is signed to labels such as The Seed Music, Norobot Music, 247 House Records, Syntek Recordings, and Headzone Records.  In 2018 a remix of his “Detroit 2033” track hit the Beatport top 100  in the techno releases on NoRobot Music.  Known for his syncopated grooves, jazzy riffs, cinematic soundscapes, and his minimal sound his music stands out as being unique among the underground sounds of today

1.Please introduce yourself

Hi I am Josh Holiday from Philadelphia, PA , USA & I love to make & play music, hope everyone is having a good day.Thanks for interviewing me today.
2. How did you get into music?

Music has always been part of my life, playing various instruments going through school.Like many people I fell in love with techno & house music at my first party back in 1993.
I got my first turntables for my 16th birthday. I got bit by the producer bug back in 2000.

3. What instruments do you play?

I am a self taught jazz pianist, I have a djembe that i have learned to play somewhat,I usually make up my own rhythms for it depending on the song or project I am working on.
I am not sure if you can call programing a drum machine playing an instrument, but i do that as well.
4. Who are your influences?

Jan Hammer, Muddy Waters, Coldplay, Eric Clapton,Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Stimming, Hendrik Schwarz, 
5. Tell us about your latest release

Matra Cultura Amini, is the latin term of cultivating the soul.
The track with the same title from the EP is a very funky track,
that kind of takes you back to the days of vinyl.  I wanted to keep
one idea, have it be really good & not over crowd the track with too many elements.
L25, was actually a 11 min long live perfomace i did just using a few instruments
and effect pedals 
Rim Shot, was inspired by Spastic from Richie Hawtin, of course it had to be different
but it was very experimental
 EP RELEASED 22.4.19

6. Whats your songwriting process? 

Usually I go into the studio & experiment or try something new.
I may pick a key to write it and try to find a unique rhythm and build from there.
After I have my general idea down, i mix the track adding eq, compression,
stereo width, etc.  Once that is done record it to audio for arrangnement.
its safer that way because analog synths and even digital synths are not forgiving,
they can dump a sound in between projects, and believe me that not a good feeling at all.
Sometime the arrangement or finishing the song comes quickly and sometimes it does not,
but i just try to enjoy my time in the studio & have fun.
7. Which musician/ artist would you most like to collaborate with & why?

Thats really a great question, Jan Hammer is one the sound designer who helped create Miami Vicewould be great, not only does he have those great synths, and can play them, but he really knows how to create
a mood or vibe that you can really feel.  
8. If you were on a desert island what 3 musical gear would you take? 

My Xoxox Box, My reface DX, & my Elektron Analog Rhythm MK2 
9. Where can fans find your music (links etc)?

You can find my original tunes & remixes here 
You can listen top my dj mixes here 
I also do a live radio show  called Strictly Underground every Friday from 7-9pm eastern on 
artist page https://www.facebook.com/JHDLY13/personal page https://www.facebook.com/josh.holiday13

If you  would like to catch JOSH HOLIDAY live then head over to the ERIS EVOLUTION, Brooklyn, New York City 19.4.19

I would like to say a huge thank you to JOSH HOLIDAY for taking part in FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK😀😀

Until Next Time