As some of you may or may not know, I'm a fan of synths. The brand FINGERSONIC have announced a brand new polyphonic hardware synth: ANALOGFUSION.
ANALOGFUSION is a hybrid synth.
Its features 2 separate engines- Analog & Digital (or you could combine them both)

Other features include:

  • 37 keys
  • 14 track step sequencer
  • FX
  • USB
  • LCD Display etc
This synth is due for release Summer 2019

This is not really the first ever hybrid synth. Back in 2015 ROLAND bought out the JDXI. There were 2 versions of this: JDXI & JDXA. 
Ive played the ROLAND JDXI a few times & i kinda liked it. 

I think a hybrid synth is a good idea. Will the ANALOGFUSION be compared to the JDXI? It could be,  I'm not sure. Looking at the ANALOGFUSION at the moment i think i prefer the JDXI. Hmmmm! 

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